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2018 Nissan Leaf – The Every Day Electric Car Gets a Reboot for 2018

Posted December 22, 2017

Nissan Leaf in the desert

Sometimes a Prediction is so Safe that it Feels Remiss to Call it a Prediction.

The sun will rise tomorrow. The tides will rise and fall. You will gluttonously eat more than you should at your holiday dinner. And, perhaps least bold of all, in 20 years every car on the road will be similar to the 2018 Nissan Leaf.

Watching the Leaf evolve in recent years is like watching how the internet evolved during the 1990s. Every year the technology improves drastically, every year we gain a firmer grasp of how that technology will enhance our lives, and every year we marvel at what the future holds.

Has the evolution of the 2018 Leaf from the 2017 Leaf truly been so drastic? Yes. It’s like switching from dial-up internet to broadband. Here’s why.

More Distance (Less Charging)

A primary limitation of the 2017 Leaf was its maximum driving range of 107 miles, thereby relegating it to the status of being an “around town” model only. The 2018 model expands that range to a more palatable 150 miles. That is a robust 40% improvement in one year. We pretty sure that gives drivers 40% more peace of mind, too.

More Horses (the Electric Kind)

Let’s be honest, you’re not driving the Leaf to win any drag races. However, packing a few more horses into the engine is certainly a desirable change. The 2018 Leaf boasts 147 horsepower versus only 107 horsepower in the 2017 iteration. No, you won’t be confused with a mustang, but you will definitely feel some extra oomph in your gallop this year.

More Space (the Useful Kind)

2018 Leaf Interrior

There is a common misconception that electric cars are needlessly compact and therefore poor choices for families. That is changing in 2018. The new Leaf delivers 23.6 cubic feet of cargo space, which is utterly cavernous compared to the competing 2018 Chevy Bolt and it’s laughably meager 16.9 cubic feet.

More Savings (in the Pocket Book)

If you’re considering the 2018 Chevy Bolt, just stop it. The 2018 Bolt starts with a base price of $37,495, whereas the 2018 Leaf begins at $29,990. For those who dislike math, that’s a baseline savings of $7,505 back in your bank account. We don’t want to presume too much about you, but we’re pretty sure you can find something useful to spend that money on.

More Physical Appeal (Design Team #Winning)

We admit it. Previous versions of the Leaf we’re slightly awkward looking. However, the Leaf has finally blossomed from an awkward teenager into a confident adult. The sheet metal in 2018 assumes a more pleasing shape, with sporty angles and sleek lines. The Leaf isn’t quite the prom king yet, but at least it’s invited to the dance.

More Charging Options (Less 1% Battery Stress)

2018 Leaf charging in garageNissan recommends installing a 240-volt Level 2 charger in your home to reduce charging times and take advantage of cheaper electricity rates. A full charge requires only about six hours – short enough that even the lightest of sleepers can awake to a full charge (this can be influenced by the charger output). Chargers are also available from numerous retailers, including Amazon. Additionally, there are over 20,000 mobile charging stations across the country, and the EZ-Charge app helps easily locate the nearest station.

Conclusion (Did You Order Yours Yet?)

There has never been a better time to buy a Nissan Leaf. The 2018 edition surges ahead of the 2017 model in every meaningful category, and it decisively defeats competing models in terms of value as well.

Clearly the big bang of the electric auto movement is fluid and ongoing. And, yes, in the future the Leaf will be even better. However, we don’t want you to wait 20 years before you enjoy the luxuries and the benefits of modern technology. Join the movement and buy a Leaf. We promise you’ll look back in 20 years and remember it more fondly than your dial-up internet.

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