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Nissan Sentra – Delivering Mid-Sized Success (Again) for 2018

Posted December 13, 2017

2018 Nissan Sentra

There is a hallowed saying in the sporting world that states “the team that commits the fewest errors is the team that wins.” If you apply that phrase to the world of mid-sized sedans, the 2018 Nissan Sentra would be undefeated.

The Sentra is a perfectionist’s dream. It is seemingly without flaws and it satisfies on every level that a sedan aficionado could reasonably care about.

Detractors might revel in the 2018 Sentra’s lack of daring power (the SR Turbo package puts out 188hp – which is in the neighborhood of the Civic SI…but I digress). However, when pitted against the competition, the Sentra does win the gold medal in the types of categories that matter most. Let’s look more closely at how the Nissan Sentra excels against the competition.

2018 Nissan Sentra – True Bargain Equipped With Options You Need

Let’s be honest. People who buy mid-sized sedans are generally very practical folk – which includes the admirable trait of being financially practical as well. Consequently very small differences between price tags are more important within this class of vehicles than, say, the luxury class. Therefore the baseline starting price of $17,885 is wildly attractive to buyers in this market.

Feeling feisty? The Sentra offers a turbo model as well in the $21,500 range. That is still economically advantageous when compared to competing models. Drivers also have the choice of a standard transmission versus a CVT. The CVT trans delivers seamlessly smooth shifting, approximately 15% improved fuel economy, stronger acceleration, and an overall quieter ride. We like the sound of that. But if you have a desire to do the 3-pedal dance, the 6spd manual option will satisfy your craving.

The 2018 Sentra is More Than Turbos and Transmissions

Notably, the 2018 Sentra is a roomy, comfortable, and quiet ride compared to its competitors. Owing to its taller frame, drivers sit several inches higher in the Sentra and simultaneously enjoy more headroom. The result is a field of vision that seems luxurious for this particular class of cars.

Nissan Sentra Interior Nissan Sentra

Passengers also reap the rewards of the Sentra’s vast expanses. Competing cars simply can’t match the Sentra’s backseat dimensions of 37+ inches of legroom and 50+ inches of hip room. That’s enough room for every one of your passengers to nap comfortably, and furthermore even the lightest of sleepers could drift off in what is an impressively quiet ride. The acoustic glass of the 2018 Sentra easily suppresses the sounds of the road. You’re welcome, passengers!

Part Practical + Part Fun = All-Around Winner

As somebody who has worked within the marketing world of the automotive industry since 2009, I have always maintained a firm belief that the actual buyers of a particular car, and their values, should dictate the evolution of each vehicle. However, far too often the automakers of the world attempt to tailor their cars to a theoretical legion of buyers that doesn’t exist.

Nissan Sentra

Nissan knocks it out of the park in that regard. The 2018 Sentra emphasizes comfort and affordability over dazzling performance, which is exactly what Sentra drivers and their brethren desire. Is this a world-beater of a car in terms of performance and power? Absolutely not. Is it still fun to drive and great value for your dollar? Absolutely!

If the winning team commits the fewest errors, the same is true of the winning buyer. Don’t be suckered into paying thousands more for the false promises of “more power” from competing vehicles. Unless you plan to enter a series of drag racing competitions, the 2018 Sentra is exactly what you want and costs thousands less.

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