Nissan Battery Care in Gladstone, OR

When our customers purchase a new genuine Nissan Replacement Battery, they want it to send good voltage that lasts a long time. Although you might be considering a generic knockoff replacement battery, you should know that cheap knockoffs come with no fit or performance guarantee.

That means the new battery that you purchase might not even work right in your Nissan car, truck, crossover, or SUV. Nissan Genuine Replacement Batteries are the only batteries that have been engineered for specific use in your Nissan car, truck, crossover, or SUV. That is why at Dick Hannah Nissan of Gladstone we only recommend installing a Genuine Nissan Replacement Battery when your old battery starts going bad.

Is your Nissan vehicle due for regular maintenance? Our expert Service Advisors can help! Call us at 503-217-2549, schedule an appointment, or stop by our service drive open 7 days a week.

Schedule Nissan Battery Testing and Replacement Service

To get the region’s best Nissan battery services and more for your vehicle, schedule a service appointment at Dick Hannah Nissan of Gladstone today. We have a team of Nissan-certified technicians ready to inspect your old battery and replace it with a new Genuine Nissan Replacement Battery.

Don’t risk passenger safety doing battery testing or replacement service yourself. The best way to make sure you have a good battery that won’t leave you stranded is to bring your Nissan car, truck, crossover, or SUV to Dick Hannah Nissan in Gladstone to have one of our Nissan certified technicians inspect your battery and replace it with a new genuine Nissan Replacement Battery as needed.

How to Lengthen Your Car Battery’s Life

Maximizing the value of your Nissan car battery isn’t hard! A few ways to prolong the life of your car battery include:

  • Make sure the battery is secured in its casing
  • Avoid using electronics when the battery is off
  • Remove corrosion regularly
  • Apply anti-corrosion gel when you install a new battery
  • Park in the shade to prevent overheating
  • Don’t let the car sit for long periods of time between drives
  • Avoid short trips, so the alternator has time to charge the battery between starts

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