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When getting new tires for your Nissan, you want to make sure that they are tires you can trust. We will help you find the right tires for your car and how you drive.
Not sure if you need new tires? We are happy to help you there. We can help diagnose issues you have with your tires.
Some examples are…
  • Harsh rides, longer stopping distance, or burning through tread-life? You might have an issue with your sensors and overinflation.
  • Is fuel economy taking a hit? Let’s see if you’re tires are under-inflated.
  • Strange Wear patterns? It could be your alignment.
  • Sidewall bubble? That could have to do with your inner liner.
And there are many other reasons you would want to get your tires checked out and replaced. Call us at 503-217-2549, or schedule an appointment with our tire experts to help you stay safe on the road.

Why Get Tire Replacements?

The ability to control a vehicle depends on the grip between the tires and road surface. Tires do not require tread designs or even considerable tread depth to provide grip on dry surfaces. However, tires do require tread designs with sufficient depth to generate traction on wet, snow-covered and slushy roads. So tread design essential to guide water and slush from between the tire and the surface of the road.

When water pools on the road surface, the depth of the water, the speed of the vehicle, and weight of the car, as well as the design and depth of the tires’ tread mutually govern when and if the vehicle will hydroplane and how quickly a vehicle can stop in an emergency.

Naturally, the tire tread will wear down over the life of the tire, and decrease the depth of its grooves. While this occurs so slowly that you will not notice it visibly on a day-to-day basis, eventually there will come a time when you will detect the car slip in the snow, aquaplane in the wet or just not stop in as efficiently on slippery surfaces. If the water is unable to escape fast enough, your tires will be forced to aquaplane (float) on top of the water, resulting in a loss of traction and increased stopping lengths.

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Tires are essential to the performance and overall mobility of your new or used car, truck, SUV or van. Here at Dick Hannah Nissan of Gladstone, we offer a large selection of the highest quality tire brands for our customers. We support Nissan tire promotions as well as all tire brand promotions and value our customers, ensuring that we get you the best value for your dollar regarding new tires for your vehicle.

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